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What if...?

This post was first published in January 2023, it's about helping leaders to keep going towards their best intentions.

It's a funny time of year for self-improvers isn't it? We're drawn to try new things, make resolutions, give things up.

And yet (for us Northern hemisphere dwellers), it's cold, it's dark and we've all run out of money because of the festivities that we've just enjoyed.

We're one week into the annual attempt to be better. Which is when it gets hard and the natural impulse to hibernate, to grab the comforting food or drink and crawl back into bed is difficult to resist.

So maybe (in a weak moment) we give up. Or we forget our best intentions. Or we decide that it's all a bit to hard. And once that moment passes, we've broken our streak, we've let ourselves down and the inevitable guilt sets in.

It's easy to say (and I often do) that guilt is a wasted emotion.

But how could we make a better choice in the moment when everything makes us want to take the easy route?

What I've started to do, when I wobble like this, is to ask myself:

What if I loved myself? What choice would I make then?

It works like a magic charm for me. And I hope it will for you too.

The spell is in the "what if...?" It allows me to imagine a better, more loving, more expansive version of myself in a moment when I'm not feeling it.

And that person is much more likely to choose the healthy option, strap on the running shoes or smile at himself. Because he, like you, is deserving of love.

Particularly in the dark days of winter.

With Love, Stephen 🙏

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