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A Secret Only 10% of Leaders Know

Do you want to know a secret that only the very best leaders know? Of course you do. Everyone loves a secret.

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I speak to hundreds of leaders every year.

In the last two weeks I've coached people on four continents working in five industries.

They all want the same thing, to make their teams and organizations better.

But here's a thing most of them don't understand -- before they work with me.

Becoming a next level leader doesn't start by changing them, it starts by changing YOU.


This is why coaching is so successful. In fact, studies have shown that executive coaching gives an ROI of 6 times the investment.

It's hard to change yourself without some support.

An excellent coach is that support.


Unfortunately, my coaching is in so much demand right now that I am almost oversubscribed.

Which is why I am working on a new online programme to bring the benefits of leadership coaching to more people.

People like you, who want to take their teams and organizations to the next level.

It will launch in the Autumn of 2023.


Limited Time 80% Discount

But, if you are one of the 10% of leaders who know the secret to deep transformation, and you can't wait that long, I have a very special offer for you.

For a limited time, you can access an 80% discount on my existing Deep Transformation Programme before it is discontinued.

Simply use the code: Relaunch80 at checkout and you'll save £400.

This is available exclusively to you as a member of my website. I hope you enjoy it.


Oh, one last thing. Once the relaunch happens, I'll never discount a course again. I'll just be providing high value, high impact courses for an exclusive cohort of people.

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