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How I can Help You

Stephen Lock Coaching can help you with: coaching, interactive workshops, event facilitation and keynote speaking.
All of this can help you and your organisation find your path and thrive. Prices below.

The Life Transformation System

This unique online coaching programme can help you to transform your life. Using a combination of self-enquiry and coaching techniques it helps you to know yourself better, set great goals, remove barriers to success, visualize a better future and take confident action. One of the first people to use the system said "I have had a revelation. I know what I want to do with my life." And that was after just one of the five stages. What revelation could you have? 


As a qualified Executive and Senior Leadership Coach and Mentor, I am skilled at working with leaders on a one to one basis. Typically this is a programme of five sessions (on Zoom or in person) over several months. Through this process we refine your goals, explore the reality of your situation, clarify the options you have for action, and find ways to execute on your personal strategy. 

Group Coaching Workshops

This technique is about teaching and facilitating a group, but the learning happens as individuals. It can be useful for helping teams reach a shared understanding. Recent workshops have focussed on progressive leadership and developing self-managing teams. Typically this is a one-off, bespoke event.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is about accelerating performance as a team. It helps individuals to work together better to achieve common goals. This kind of coaching can be a single event (for example to discuss better ways to make decisions), or it can be a series of sessions to explore different ways to work better (eg meeting techniques, goal setting, sharing work and more). 

Keynote Speaking

I am a skilled and experienced speaker who is confident working rooms of all types and sizes. My particular specialty is using progressive concepts to challenge the audience's ideas about leadership and performance, which leads to real insight.


Recent titles include "Why Managers Think The Way Managers Think: And Why It Is Wrong", "Why Love Should be At The Heart Of Leadership" & "The Organization is Dead, Long Live the Network".

Event Facilitation

Are you holding an event? Do you want to make sure that everyone is engaged equally? That you guide a whole room to a common understanding? That you make decisions without arguing or leaving anyone out? I'm expert at designing and facilitating events in creative ways. No death by PowerPoint or Post-It Notes with no purpose. Just a fabulous event that helps everyone to know what to do next. 

The simplest way to find out more about any of my services is to book a 15 minute introductory session. Or, see my Contact page for other ways to get in touch. 


My 1:1 coaching generally takes place over 5 sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours spaced 3-4 weeks apart. The standard price for this is £1,500 (£300 per session). This includes all the sessions, preparation and any supervision costs I incur. 

My day rate for group coaching and team coaching is £800. This includes all pre- and post-event services. Half days are charged at half the rate. Multiple days can be discounted.

Event facilitation is typically charged at fractions of my day rate, but this depends on the type of facilitation and the amount of preparation required, and so cost could vary up or down.

Keynote speaking depends on the nature of the event, size of the audience and the type of subject.


The Life Transformation System is a complete, self-directed coaching programme. This costs £150 for lifetime access. 


Finally, I sometimes make low-cost "Introduction to Coaching" sessions available for individuals who can't afford the full service. Use this link to see if any are available.


If you'd like to discuss any of this, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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