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Does Your Brain Need A Rest?

Sometimes leadership by example is the most powerful tool we have. But what if you've run out of steam? Maybe looking after yourself is just what you (or your team) needs.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Do you ever get that feeling that your brain just isn't working anymore? Maybe if you stop and pay attention you realise that your body isn't as charged up as it might be. Then you go deeper and notice that your spirits are depleted.

If that happens, well done. You noticed. You paid attention to the signals nature has provided you. Signals that you need a rest.

Or maybe just a signal that today isn't the day to do the thing you thought you were supposed to do. Like, for instance, write a coaching blog.

If that's the case, just don't do the thing. Have a break. Recharge whatever needs recharging; be that your mind, your body, your spirit or all three. It's a natural part of every cycle. A crucial part of every day.

After all, you're an adult. You can do (or not do) whatever you like.

Have a beautiful week. Stephen

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