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Stephen Lock can offer you the following services: individual coaching, team coaching, interactive workshops and keynote speaking.
I can help you and your organisation to thrive. 

I Help You And Your Teams to Get to The Next Level

I am passionate about coaching and personal development, because I believe that everyone has the capacity to grow, to improve and to thrive.

You just need expert help to uncover the best version of yourself.


Through 1 to 1 coaching programmes, team coaching, workshops and keynote speaking, I can help you. Why not book a no-obligation conversation to find out more? 



My Next Level You program lasts 6 months. It is aimed at people who:

  • have achieved success, but lost their way

  • are stuck on this level in life/career

  • are drifting in life or work

  • struggle to hold themselves accountable

  • balance is out of whack

  • can't overcome barriers

  • feel disconnected from who they want to be


If you feel like one or more of these things are familiar to you and you need help to find your next level, then this could be exactly what you need. 


After the program you could be:

  • successful and personally fulfilled

  • thriving and moving forward with confidence

  • thriving in every aspect of life

  • happy being accountable to yourself and others

  • barriers become hurdles to jump over

  • flowing in life -- success becomes a habit

The program is a unique combination of 1:1 coaching, group coaching and a structured online course. It has 4 phases:

1. Know Yourself
2. Set Great Goals
3. Prepare to Act
4. Deliver and Thrive

You can find out more about the program here. And even watch a free lesson from the program here

One last thing, the people who benefit most from this program or people who decide to act. The people who decide now is the only moment to change. So, don't hesitate, book a no-obligation call right now. 

Find The Path to Fulfilment

Discover your personalized roadmap to achieving fulfilment. Our quiz assesses your self-understanding, healthy community, family connections, meaningful work, and daily practice. After all, this isn't just about work-life balance is it?

The quiz only takes 5 minutes and you get insights immediately.

The CEO's Guide to Self-Managing Teams

This new ebook reveals exactly how you can move your teams towards self-management. It includes 7 actions you can take immediately to get results.

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