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The Pleasure of a Positive Reset

Here's one short leadership coaching tip you can action immediately. Today's post takes about 2 minutes to read. This post is all about leadership with empathy.

Photo by Ahmed Zayan on Unsplash

The Tip

I want you to forget everything you have to do for a minute.

You can do that right? For the time it takes to read this.

What needs to be done tomorrow can wait until tomorrow. What needs to be done before then can wait a few more minutes.

Put that out of your mind.

That's it. Now you're really ready 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️.

So, ask yourself these two questions:

What is good in my life? What am I grateful for?

Take a moment to sit with those questions.

Don't be tempted to crowd out the answers with negativity. Don't allow any doubt to cast a shadow over your answers.

To deepen this practice you might want to close your eyes and picture what is good, or what you are grateful for.

You might also want to write down the answers.

But however you approach it, well done. You gave yourself a little positive reset. Feels nice, right?

Now you're ready for the day ahead 👍

How it Works

These are two classic questions from the world of positive psychology.

By taking a moment to notice what is good and to express gratitude, we remind ourselves that we are not a to-do list. We are not the rush and busyness of tasks to be completed or deadlines to meet.

We are whole, rounded, connected, fortunate and beautiful people living in an incredible world. And when we take a little bit of that energy for ourselves, everything feels a little bit brighter 🌞

If You Are Coaching Someone

I often use this technique when working with clients who are stuck in a negative cycle. Or clients who are overwhelmed by everything they need to do.

It can take a little care to introduce however. If someone is feeling low, you don't want to give the impression you want them to cheer themselves up.

Nobody reacts well to that.

And so, it can help to signal the reason for the questions. Perhaps by saying something like, Would you like a break from all of this? Maybe have a little reset?

That way you give them an option to step into a safe and different space in the conversation. Only if they want to.

Once they start to speak, encourage the positivity and gently discourage any negativity.

Finally, when they have found something good and something to be grateful for, don't rush. Give them time to sit with the answers. Hold the space.

Just as you did, so beautifully, a minute ago 🙏

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