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My Coaching Approach

Updated: May 12, 2022

My unique personal background and leadership experience informs every moment of each coaching relationship, but lightly, imperceptibly. My calm, humane, attentive approach and ability to work on the psychological and relational elements of coaching helps my clients to gain both the deep personal insight they seek and to achieve their goals.

Where appropriate for the client, I am able to blend techniques of self-enquiry into the coaching process. Self-enquiry is a modern approach to ancient techniques that can be found in Taoism, Hinduism and many of the great world religions. By gaining a deep understanding of self, my clients are able to make powerful life and career choices. The combination of self-enquiry and coaching was described by one client as "simply magical".

Before I embark on a coaching relationship, I always start with a short chemistry and contracting session. This session is designed to help the client to decide if I am the right person for them and for us to settle on some goals and an approach. If it doesn't feel right, that's fine. I have a network of other coaches I'm happy to refer people to.

So, if you would like a no-obligation conversation about your coaching journey. Please get in touch. I look forward to speaking to you.

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