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Ask The Best Version of You

Here's one short leadership coaching tip you can action immediately. This post takes about two minutes to read. It's one of the most accessible leadership skills.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The Tip

When thinking about a problem, or a difficult decision, ask yourself:

What would I, on my best day, say to myself about this?

Variations include:

Imagine peak me, what would I do in this situation?


Remember a time when you were at your best, happiest and strongest. How would you have reacted to this then?

That's it. Simple, powerful and actionable.

Why not try it right away?

Do it. Do it now.

How it Works

This technique works by snapping the coachee (or ourselves) out of a rut.

It helps us remember that we have more resources than we we think we do.

And it reminds us that this problem/challenge/situation does not define us. It will pass.

If You Are Coaching Someone

When using this with clients, spend a few moments setting the scene first.

Ask them to think of a time when everything was flowing and they felt they could achieve anything. Ask them to remember how that felt.

Then ask them what that version of themselves would do in this situation.

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