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Wed, 26 Jun



10 Steps to Conscious Masculinity

Come and learn ten immediately actionable tools to be the best possible version of yourself. More details below 👇🏻

10 Steps to Conscious Masculinity
10 Steps to Conscious Masculinity

Time & Location

26 Jun 2024, 12:30 – 13:30



About the event

What Does it Mean to be a Good Man in 2024? 

Not a good person. A good man. 

A man who can lean into his power without being a threat to others. A man who knows his own boundaries and how to protect them. A man who can express himself clearly and honestly without fear of disapproval. A man who can handle conflict. A man who speaks up and leads when he needs to. A man who is fully actualized. 

You don't hear much about that do you?

The Problem With Talking About Men

Often in the last few years if you have seen or heard the word "masculinity" it will have been preceded by the word "toxic". Prior to that the phrase "it's the patriarchy" was a catch-all for everything that was wrong in the world. And "check your privilege" became a simple way to shut down certain perspectives. 

At the same time, rates of depression and suicidality are intolerably, shockingly high for men. 

Which is confusing if you are a man, right?

I write as a white, heterosexual, middle-aged, able-bodied man who is economically secure. I tick almost all of the privilege boxes. And I am aware of that. 

I am also aware that many of the men I encounter in my life and my work are unhappy and unfulfilled. They feel like they are living as a shell of the person who they want to be. 

But they don't feel able to say that. And if they do, they find it difficult either to express their needs or to be heard. 

And so, both things can be true. You can enjoy relative privilege and not be fulfilled. Or even to suffer in silence.

If you have read this far, I assume this resonates with you. 

Why Does This Matter?

I strongly believe that helping men to be good men in 2024 is a hugely important mission. This is because:

1. It helps individual men to live happier, action-oriented lives. 

2. It is vital for society to have a generation of men who express their masculinity confidently in service to the greater good.

3. It provides positive role-models of masculinity for our nephews, sons and grandsons, but also for our nieces, daughters and granddaughters. 

If good men don't work on this, we risk driving the vulnerable into the arms of genuinely toxic influencers. I don't want that. 

And I know that the vast majority of the men I know are good men, even if they are not currently feeling able to lean into their masculinity. 

How Can I Help You?

In the last couple of years I have developed my Next Level You coaching program, which helps people to discover who they really are, what they really want and how to get it. 

Recently, I decided to adapt this program to provide specific advice to help men to lean into their masculinity. You might be surprised to know that (in general) coaches are taught to be blind to the gender of their clients. 

In doing this work, I have realised that I can help men to unlock a positive side of themselves that has laid dormant. This benefits them hugely, but it also has a positive impact on their significant relationships. Their wives like this work as much as they do. 

You see, women want men to be masculine too, just in a way that is appropriate for 2024* 

While developing my mission I have uncovered tips I can share quickly to any man who wants to understand and express his masculinity better. And that is what this workshop is about. If you come you will learn:

- How and why we find ourselves where we are

- Ten tools you can use to make yourself a better man

All in an hour of your time. I think you can allow yourself that investment in yourself, don't you?

How Will It Work?

The workshop will last for 1 hour. It will be conducted on Zoom. Approximately the first 40 minutes will be a presentation of ideas, with an opportunity for a Q&A in the final part. The recording will be made available to attendees. 

Why Is It Not Free?

I want you to invest in yourself and to have an intention to make a positive change in your life. The nominal charge is there to flip a switch in your head. The switch that says, "I am going to show up for myself". Change follows action. 

Can't wait to welcome you into the space.


* I have used the terms "men" and "women", "husband" and "wife" for ease and directness of communication. If your wife is a partner or a husband, this might still be the workshop for you and you would be very, very welcome. It is for anyone who is interested in positive masculinity. It isn't against anyone or any group. 


  • 10 Steps Live

    This includes access to the 1 hour workshop.




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