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You Can Learn Coaching

You can learn a new approach to leadership in just 30 minutes.

What This Guide Will Give You


Do you want to develop these qualities in yourself, your colleagues, teams and organisations?:

  • high performance

  • empowerment

  • excellent collaboration

  • fulfilment

  • growth mindset

  • positivity

  • leadership


Then this simple to follow guide is for you. It contains:


  • An introduction to coaching for leaders

  • Nine principles to follow

  • Mindset questions

  • Purpose questions

  • Perspective questions

  • Productivity questions

  • Visualization questions

  • Wellbeing questions


In other words, it contains wisdom you could only get from a coach. A distilled version of all my experience in executive coaching, leadership development and mentoring.

Why Develop a Coaching Leadership Style?

A coaching leadership style creates a culture of high performance. It leads to more collaboration, empowerment, and fulfilment. This is contrasted against a command and control approach which can often stifle potential.

Coaching leadership develops growth mindsets and positive behaviours. Together these create the highest performing type of leadership.

It does this by unlocking and enabling potential.

You can develop this leadership style in yourself and others by learning a new approach to conversation with your peers and team members.

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