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The Life
Transformation System

"I've had a revelation. I know what I want to do with my life."


That was the feedback from one of my clients after just one session of this programme.

You can follow the exact process I use on my transformational coaching programme at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. It's also the process I used to launch a business and become an ultra-marathon runner at the age of 49. It contains 5 carefully designed sessions that are easy for anyone to follow. It is tried, tested and it works. 

What revelations will you have?

What it Contains

The Life Transformation System - Get the Life You Want in 5 Steps can work for anyone who wants to make a positive change in their lives. The steps are:

Step 1: Know Yourself
Step 2: Set Great Goals
Step 3: Remove Barriers
Step 4: Visualize Your Future
Step 5: Take Confident Action


I recommend you complete the programme over five days, leaving a space of 1-5 days between each step. Once you've worked through the system, you'll know exactly what you want to do and you'll be working towards it, confidently. 

With each step you get a video to follow, so you get the benefit of being coached. There are bonus "self-enquiry" recordings developed from the non-dual understanding. And you also get a PDF of all the materials used. In short, you get the distilled benefit of all my experience of executive coaching, mentoring and leadership development. 

If you want to know more before you buy, feel free to book at free 15-minute conversation with me. 

In Step 1: Know Yourself you'll be coached in:

  • What Makes You, You?

  • Wellbeing

  • Balance

  • Values

At the end of this step you will have a clearer sense of who you are, ready to make choices and plans from a deep self-understanding. 

In Step 2: Set Great Goals you'll be coached in:

  • Using the SMART Technique

  • Using the EXACT Technique

At the end of this step you will have written your goals in a way that makes them exciting and achievable.

In Step 3: Remove Barriers you'll be coached to understand:

  • How You Can Hold Yourself Accountable

  • How You Can Overcome Resistance

  • What Types of Barriers You Face

This will help you to ground your plans in reality, limit or remove risk and anticipate problems that might derail your plans. 

In Step 4: Visualize Your Future, you'll be guided to answer some big questions:

  • How do you see your future?

  • What story will you tell yourself?

Once you have completed this stage, you will have generated a mental picture that helps you to achieve your goals. It will also serve as motivation, to relieve anxiety and to increase your focus.

In Step 5: Take Confident Action you'll but the final pieces in place, ready to achieve your goals by asking:

  • What Support Do You Need?

  • What Plans Do You Need?

  • What Guardrails Do You Need?

  • How Can You Commit To Yourself?

Then you'll be ready to truly transform your life. 

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